Ancient Art as an alternative investment strategy : Liberi Fund

I was just notified of this new Fund being launched. Geared to those with high net income and looking to diversify their portfolios. See: Brief intro from their website below:

The Sleeping Beauties Collection Fund:
Ancient Art as an alternative investment strategy

The Sleeping Beauties Collection

The exquisite quality, approved recognition, and top value of the art pieces from the Sleeping Beauties collection correspond to the highest standards in collecting and would suit the most challenging requests and desires. As such The Sleeping Beauties Collection could be installed in its entirety as a ready Museum.

The Sleeping Beauties Collection (“The Fund”) offers:

  • an investment in museum-quality Greek Painted Vases dating between 800 B.C. and 300 B.C.,
  • a targeted IRR of 15-20% per annum for the investors as the market continues to embrace art as a new asset class and alternative form of investment,
  • returns decorrelated from traditional financial markets thereby helping to diversify the overall risk of an investment portfolio,
  • a disciplined approach with a stringent vetting process to enhance the value of its investments


The market related to Greek vases has existed for centuries and represents a well-known and mature sector of the art market. With an established and unique historical value, it is protected from the fluctuations of volatile and unpredictable markets such as contemporary art.

During the investment period, the Fund will acquire between 100 to 150 Greek vases for individual purchase prices ranging from USD 50,000 to a maximum of 10% of the total asset of the Fund according to the investment restrictions.

The pre-acquisition vetting and legal review of potential Investments by the Team of Experts is intended to ensure the quality and marketability of the Fund’s investments. This process will add significant value to the investments both on sale by the Fund and resale by those who purchase vases from the Fund.

The Market for ancient western art is estimated to represent between USD 300 MM – USD 500 MM per year with transactions of about 4’000 pieces a year. Auction sales represent approximately USD 100 MM of this total.