Alabaster, Ancient Egyptian Alabastron, circa 2700 BC

Alabaster, Ancient Egyptian Alabastron, circa 2700 BC

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Ancient Egypt alabastron made certainly by a master craftsman. With its perfect teardrop shape, two delicate lug handles, and partially flared rim, this alabastron demonstrates Egyptian mastery of shaping stone! From the Early Dynastic period and in excellent condition save for the damage to the rim. Wonderful colour showing on this piece. Measures 5.8cm in height.

Provenance: D.K. Berlin via German Auction 11.5.1976

Reference: Aston, B. Ancient Egyptian Stone Vessels: Materials and Forms, Heidelberg, 1994; and Lyliquist, C. Egyptian Stone Vessels: Khian through Tuthmosis IV, New York, 1995.

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