An Ancient Egyptian Bead with Carved Scroll Pattern

An Ancient Egyptian Bead with Carved Scroll Pattern

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Ancient Egyptian Bead with Carved Scroll Pattern

Circular bead with carved flower and scroll pattern

Measurement: 1.1 cm x 1.15 x .5 cm

Material/colour: stone (steatite?) now cream, but blackened back suggests an original glaze, perhaps dark green.

Technique: stone carving with ceramic glaze; pierced for suspension.

Condition: Back is worn and slightly gritty; carved surface is well preserved; line encircling pattern somewhat worn and eccentric.

Date: This pattern originated in the Second Intermediate Period, circa 1782 - 1555 BC, but was popular into New Kingdom and even Third Intermediate Period.

Identification and Interpretation: Round lentoid bead, probably originally glazed. Crossed pattern of floral motif with spiral scrolls.  Workmanship: competent

Function and Meaning: A bead from a necklace or bracelet. “The origin and interpretation of the geometric designs are obscure. While they may have had a purely ornamental purpose, it is possible that they possessed magical significance which was the reason for their widespread appearance . . . “(see Ben-Tor, below.)

Parallels: see Daphna Ben-Tor, The Scarab, p.31, type VIII- 4. This is a fairly common type.

Provenance: Collected by Gustave Jéquier (1868-1946)

Ex. Billy Jamieson Collection, 2009 (1954-2011)

Authentication: Gayle Gibson, Royal Ontario Museum Toronto