Ancient Campanian Red-Figure Oinochoe

Ancient Campanian Red-Figure Oinochoe

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On the left side of the vase we have a seated woman, clothed in a high grit peplos. In one hand she is holding a cista and the other a thyrsus (staff with pine cone ). Her hair is wrapped in a beaded and ribbed saccos. In the center of the oenochoe there is a stele with a white painted antefix placed on top. Circa 320 B.C.

The lady to the right of the stele is standing upright and holding a phiale with fruit , she too is wearing high peplos and holding a thyrsus. Hair done with sphendone and trailing spiral.

Palmette with scrolls flank both figures and full palmette under the handle, encircling band of wave pattern below and on shoulder. Measures 15½ inches high

Provenance: Private US Collection