Ancient Egyptian Bronze Figure of Ptah

Ancient Egyptian Bronze Figure of Ptah

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Finely cast bronze of standing male figure of Ptah, wearing a tightly fitting cap with chin strap and royal beard. He adorns a wide, finely detailed, incised aegis collar over his shoulders having a small incised hieroglyphic column between his shoulder blades. He holds an ankh and long Was Sceptre. Has some early cleaning with original brownish surface with areas of red-brown and green oxides very much present.  Some hammer marks can be found on the face, head and back of shoulders, otherwise completely intact. Its mounted on an old black wood base.  Dates to the Late Period circa 664-343 BC and measures 6.2 inches in height.

Identical example found in the British Museum #63 [II038] Bronze Ptah; photo attached.

Very similar Ptah sold at Sotheby's Auction on June 7th 2010, New York; Lot#7 for USD$20,000.  Had an estimate of USD$7,000 to $10,000 .  

Ptah is an Egyptian deity and considered the demiurge of Memphis who existed before all other things and, by his will, thought the world into existence. He is the husband of Sekhmet and the father of Nefertum and was also regarded as the father of the sage Imhotep. Ptah is considered to be the patron of craftsmanship, metalworking, carpenters, shipbuilders, sculpture and architecture . He bears many epithets that describe his role in ancient Egyptian religion and its importance in society at the time; Ptah the beautiful face, Ptah lord of truth, Ptah master of justice, Ptah who listens to prayers, Ptah master of ceremonies and Ptah lord of eternity.