Ancient Egyptian Scarab with divine name Amun Ex Gustav Jequier (1868-1946)

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Identification and Interpretation: Type: Scarab with flat underside and carved inscription. Carved extremities on sides in natural form retaining some dark material in crevices.

Measurement: 2.3 x 1.8 x .85 cm

Material: light brown stone

Technique: carved, pierced lengthwise.

Condition: areas of wear on both top and bottom, with much of Clypeus worn away. There are losses to the lightly etched borderline surrounding the inscription, apparently from wear. Chip from between wing cases with scratch leading almost to scuttellum.

Date: New Kingdom ; reportedly from Sakkara.

Bottom: Divine name Amun with ankh-was-neb (all life and power or Lord of Life and Power) formula underneath. (The two was signs face each other on the scarab.) .

Workmanship: competent carving on now worn back, clear and skillful carving on bottom.

Function and Meaning: Originally threaded for bracelet, necklace, or mounted on a ring. Probably worn in life, as suggested by wear at ends.

Comments: Although clearly a writing of the common ankh-was-neb formula, the deep carving of the top of the ankh sign and its slight separation from the base provide a possible additional reading of ‘re’ for Amun-re with the two was scepters standing in adoration on each side. The inscription could also be read ‘Amun-re, lord of the two powers’      

Provenance: Collected by Gustave Jéquier (1868-1946)

Ex. Billy Jamieson Collection, 2009 (1954-2011)

Authentication: Gayle Gibson, Royal Ontario Museum Toronto