Ancient Egyptian Stone Alabaster Alabastron ca. 2700 BC

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Here you find an Ancient Egypt stone alabastron in a teardrop shape, two delicate lug handles still present. However the rim is partially damaged. Dates from the Early Dynastic period and in good condition with mineral deposits both on the inside and outside. Nice colour showing, however not as brilliant as the other examples from this collection. Measures 5.2 cm in height.

Provenance: D.K. Berlin via German Auction 11.17.1974

Reference: Aston, B. Ancient Egyptian Stone Vessels: Materials and Forms, Heidelberg, 1994; and Lyliquist, C. Egyptian Stone Vessels: Khian through Tuthmosis IV, New York, 1995.

Arnold, Dorothea, When the Pyramids Were Built: Egyptian Art of the Old Kingdom. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY. 199