Ancient Etruscan Red-Figure Bird Askos

Ancient Etruscan Red-Figure Bird Askos

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Exquisite ancient Etruscan Bird askos from Tarquinia or Vulci. Has a large eye created by a painted circle and central dot with a feathered head and neck; head slightly tilted to the right. Vertical filing spout with flared rim set to the rear next to the extended “feathered” tail, the black painted flanged handled extends from the neck of the bird to the base of the spout. The bulbous body has tear and wave motif design and central arrow and palm shaped design on the front.

This form of vase has been described by Professor Del Chiaro as “Type A” style Etruscan bird askoi, which date to approximately 330 BC. Measures 7.5inches in length; intact with strong growth deposits and root markings.

The term askos comes from the Greek word meaning “wineskin” and in regards to pottery it refers to vessels having a “bag shape” body and a handle arching from body and spout. The Etruscans in particular fancied these forms of Zoomorphic vessels (which date back to the Early Bronze Age). Similar types can be found in the University Museum of Pennsylvania.

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