Ancient Greek Gnathia Pelike - Magna Graecia, Apulian Vase Egnazia

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Lovely Greek Gnathia Pelike from circa 330- 320 BC, showing a kalathos with fruits between branches. There is also a necklace pattern in white and yellow painted on the black surface, very typical of Gnathia ware of this period. It has a rounded body whose greatest diameter is towards its base. The narrow neck leads to a wide, flaring lip that is flat on top and convex in profile. The foot is in two degrees with a narrow, flaring upper section and a wide, flat lower section. The handles are round in cross section and curve from the top of the neck, beneath the lip, to the shoulder. The function of the Pelike was to contain wine, oil or water. Intact said for some minor surface ware and mineral deposits. Large , measures 30.5 cm or 12 inches in height.

Provenance: Private Belgium Collection formed in the 60's.

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