Ancient Greek Carnelian Intaglio

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Rare ancient Greek intaglio; Hellenistic period dating to the 1st century AD.  This carnelian intaglio with Gryllos is hexagonal in shape; mythical creature consisting of an ostrich, whose body is formed in the front as a Silenus mask/man's head . The rider is a mouse with a whip holding the reins. Grylloi's representation was very common in glyptic art during 1st century AD . It was characterized with beings that were combination of  both human and animal form.   In very good condition; two tiny chips on the side and bottom, otherwise intact. Very interesting and rare intaglio.  

Identical piece found in the University of Bologna Museum; Inventory #: Gl 86 (see additional photo)

Acquired from Nemesis New York 2013, Ex. German collection 2020