Ancient Roman Murmillo Gladiator Oil Lamp

Ancient Roman Murmillo Gladiator Oil Lamp

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Here you find a very detailed early Roman mould made oil lamp, circa late 1st-early 2nd century AD. On the discus we find a Murmillo Gladiator facing left, a dagger in his right hand, wearing a visored helmet with tall detailed double crest, a greaves on both legs and a belt worn over his loin-cloth. Measures 3.25"inches at longest point. In good condition with some wear, deposits and broken nozzle.

Provenance: German Private Collection.

Reference: See Catalogue of the Lamps in the British Museum, Vol II, #Q878 for a similar example.

See Gladiators and Caesars: The Power of Spectacle in Ancient Rome (British Museum 2000) by Ekart Köhne and Cornelia Ewigleben , no. 32