Chinese Longquan Dish from Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)

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Thick porcelain dish , longquan ware with incised design under monochrome glaze. A lovely porcelain with celadon glaze, (jade colour) pattern of a dragon in tondo and foliage of garlands surrounding the inner bowl.  Measures 34 cm in diameter.  

Longquan ware; celadon stoneware produced in kilns in the town of Longquan (province of Zhejiang), China, from the Song to the mid-Qing Dynasties.  Early Longquan celadons had a transparent green glaze that was superb in quality, thick, and viscous, usually with a well-marked network of fine cracks. Most frequent surviving examples are large dishes as there was a thriving export trade and the popularity was partly due to the fact that a superstition existed; believing that a celadon dish would break or change colour if poisoned food was put into it.  Longquan decor ware was usually incised but was also molded in form. The heavier types of pottery were intended to withstand the rough conditions of transport. The older examples are usually the finest types.