Chorrera Figure Ecuador

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Ceramic human figures are represented by the Chorrera people with rounded, full volume forms with minimum anatomical details. This figure stands tall, approx 12.5 inches! The broad head has a plain, tight fitting cap, the facial features are simply modeled however seem to be re-constructed. The pierced earlobes are very common on Ecuadoran figures and as in this example has ear spools. It is a genderless figure which is decorated with incised lines on the upper and lower section of the body (perhaps indicating a textile pattern). A brownish/red pigment is rubbed into the matte surface on the head, arms, and legs. Hands are re-attached and has some minor cracks to the surface. Otherwise intact. Dates to approx 500 BC.

Ex. Billy Jamieson Collection, 2009 (1954-2011)