An Ancient Egyptian Bronze Figure of Somtous Harpocrates

An Ancient Egyptian Bronze Figure of Somtous Harpocrates

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Here you find a solid cast bronze seated figure of Somtous (Harpokrates) wearing a fancy horned crown of Hathor, with plumes, flanked with serpents and three sun discs. Wearing the royal wig with sidelock and headdress with serpent head, holding his right finger to his mouth (sign of youth). Finely sculpted details and musculature. Overall lovely olive, blue-green surface patina. Intact and in excellent condition. Comes with an antique custom hardwood base. Measure 7 inches in height with stand. Circa Late Period 700 BC

Somtous is the Hellenic name of the child-god Sema-taouy ("He who reunites the two lands"). Son of Herychef and Hathor, he is part of the triad of Hérakléopolis, capital of the 20th name of Upper Egypt, whose former name "Hout-nen-nesout" means "The palace of the royal child ". Represented as a child, often seated on a lotus, he is capped with the natives, reinforcing his royal character, and crown hemhem, attribute of the dead kings and gods. children. An amalgamation, in Greek times, with Horus victorious of Seth, has earned him to be confused with Hercules, hence the naming of the city. Close to the god-son Harpocrates, he has a nature both solar and royal. 

Ex. Sotheby's , New York, Lot # 314, 1988. 

Piece comes with a copy of the 1988 Sotheby's catalogue, the original purchase invoice and Sotheby's tag for Lot #314