Nazca Double Spouted Canteen Vessel

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Here you find a highly unusual ancient Nazca culture twin spouted vessel. Has circular multicolored shapes adorning the entire body and with a solid double bridge spout.  Rich polychrome cream, brown and burgundy colours. 

Provenance: Ex. Roth collection, Ex Charles Craig Collection, an old Santa Barbara California collection formed in the 1960’s and earlier. 

Measures 7.5 inches x 6 inches

Condition. This vessel was professionally rejoined at original breaks. There is no added restoration or new clay. This vessel is in otherwise very good condition.

The double spout and bridge vessel is a type of ceramic drinking container which originated on the Peruvian coast before 500 BC among indigenous communities. Characterized by its dual spouts connected by a handle, this bottle-like vessel was first utilized by the Paracas culture and later adopted by the Nazca. Initially, the Paracas decorated these vessels with incised designs inspired by Chavin art. Over time, advancements in ceramic technology enabled them to create vessels with thinner walls, transforming them into sculptural forms. The Nazca continued this tradition, crafting vessels that featured intricate figurative designs, adorned with polychrome.